The travel basketball teams are grade-level teams for both boys and girls, with teams from the 4th grade through the 8th grade. The teams compete in the Metrowest Basketball Conference, comprised of similar teams from thirty-two towns and cities in this region.

The travel program is intended to be more competitive.  Each player must attend tryouts in order to be considered for a travel team.  The expectation when trying out is that basketball will be your primary sport during the season. The team is based on evaluations, as well as the head coach’s discretion.  All rosters will be approved by the Metrowest Coordinator (a member of the FYBA Board of Directors) prior to communications to players and parents.

Travel teams have additional practice time weekly (usually one weeknight and one weekend) and there is an emphasis on competition.  The amount of playing time in each game (usually held on weekends) for each player is determined by FYBA minimums and the head coach.

Based on the number of interested players at tryouts, and skill level assessments, there may be more than one team set forth in the Metrowest program within a specific grade.  Their Metrowest division assignments, finalized by the Metrowest Coordinator for FYBA, will be done annually and may be based on both skill assessments, coach input, and results from the prior season(s), when applicable.

In addition to the FYBA registration fee, travel players must pay an additional Metrowest fee if they are selected to a travel team roster.  Metrowest sets this annual fee.

FYBA may waive program and/or uniform fees for any participant based upon financial need. The waiver of such fees shall be considered a scholarship. Applicants should reach out to confikids to obtain the scholarship.

Recent Division Champions


6th Grade Boys (Coach Trimble)

5th Grade Boys (Coach McGuire)

5th Grade Girls (Coach Sims)

7th Grade Boys (Coach McGuire)