FYBA Code of Conduct

Published by Mark Sampson
Mar 16, 2019

Foxboro Youth Basketball Association Code of Conduct
Foxboro Youth Basketball Association (“FYBA”) has established this Code of Conduct (“The Code”) to advance the principles of sportsmanship and  fair  play  and  to  promote mutual respect among players, coaches, umpires and spectators
The Code shall govern the actions of players, coaches and spectators. The Code is intended  to  provide  behavioral   guidance   and   establish   clear   expectations   for all involved. The Code cannot address every possible behavioral circumstance; however, it shall serve as FYBA’s standard for behavioral evaluation.
It  shall  be  the  obligation  of  all  program  participants,  spectators  and  volunteers,  to comply with the terms and provisions of the Code. Any person violating the Code shall be subject to administrative action, up to and including termination of his/her privilege to participate in, or attend, any or all sponsored activities.
Coaches shall  unconditionally  support  FYBA’s  commitment  to  good sportsmanship, team play, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. Likewise, Coaches shall remain sensitive to the physical and emotional wellbeing of the players on his/her team and must adhere to the following: •  • Coaches must be positive role models. • Coaches will display and instill in their players the principals of good sportsmanship and team play. • Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players. • Coaches will remain under emotional control at all times. • Coaches will teach the game of basketball to the best of their ability. • Coaches will attend any skill session and/or coaching clinic or meeting that may be required by FYBA. • Coaches will do their best to provide the players a positive experience. • Coaches will ensure that winning and/or losing teams do so in a manner which exhibits respect and good sportsmanship. • Coaches will treat referees, players, parents, spectators with respect. • Coaches will provide instruction in a manner that is constructive and supportive. • Coaches will not tolerate behavior that endangers the health or wellbeing of a child. • Coaches will comply with the decisions of league officials and observe all rules, policy and procedure as established or endorsed by FYBA. • Coaches shall not question a referee’s call in a way that disrespects the official or would reflect poorly on the FYBA or the Town of Foxboro. • All Coaches must supply a completed CORI form to FYBA. • The results of the CORI check will be reviewed by the FYBA President who has the right to disqualify any individuals from coaching.
Parents & Spectators:
Parents and Spectators shall  support  the  players,  Coaches,  referees. Parents and Spectators shall not "coach" or "officiate". Parents and Spectators must adhere to the following: • Parents and spectators will be positive role models. • Parents and spectators will display and instill in all players the principals of good sportsmanship and team play. • Parents and spectators will conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players. • Parents and spectators will do their best to provide the players a positive experience. • Parents will make certain that their children show respect for all other players, Coaches, referees and spectators. • Parents and spectators will not ridicule or demean. • Parents will inform the coach of any disability or ailment that may affect the safety of their child. • Parents and spectators will treat all players, Coaches and referees fairly and with respect.
Players shall:
• Display good sportsmanship and team play at all times. • Follow the direction of the coaching Staff. • Respect all coaches, players, league officials, umpires and spectators. • Make every attempt to be on time and ready to play for all games and practices.
Players shall not:
• Use abusive or profane language. • Taunt or humiliate any other player. • Question a referee’s call.
Zero Tolerance towards Referees

Coach Affirmation By signing this affirmation, I am confirming that I have received and read the FYBA Code of Conduct (“The Code”). Additionally, I affirm that I will comply with The Code, and I will encourage players and parents/spectators to comply with The Code.
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