Travel Teams Rules/Regulations

Published by Thapos Admin
Aug 25, 2018
  • FYBA Travel requires two adult coaches, over the age of 17 years old, to be on the bench at all times.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  • FYBA Travel requires that player(s) can only attend the tryout for their current grade level.  No players will be allowed to �play up� a grade level. 
  • FYBA Travel requires all players to attend at least one tryout session to be selected to a Travel Basketball team.  Any player missing the initial tryout will be required to attend a make-up tryout, usually within a week of the originally scheduled tryout.  Special unforeseen occurrences, such as injury, family emergency, etc. will be seen by FYBA as an extenuating circumstance, at which time it will be up to the discretion of the Metrowest Coordinator and FYBA Board of Directors to make a decision as to that player being selected for a travel team.
  • No parents will be allowed to remain in the gyms during the Metrowest tryouts.
  • FYBA will post all Metrowest Travel teams on their website  The roster postings will be done the Thursday immediately after the last travel tryout for that particular team.  Players who do not make the travel team can contact either the FYBA Travel coach or the FYBA Metrowest Coordinator to ask any questions about their particular individual tryout.
  • FYBA will select all Metrowest coaches, with the exception of the incoming 4th Grade Girls and Boys Travel teams, prior to the Travel team tryouts.  The 4th Grade travel coaches will be selected, by the FYBA Board, after the travel team tryouts are complete.
  • The Board of Directors will appoint an individual who will be responsible for coordinating the travel tryouts for each age group.  There will be at least two evaluators at each tryout.  Other than the head coach, parents of players trying out will not be selected as evaluators.
  • Each 1-1/2 hour tryout should include approximately 45 minutes of skills and drills and 45 minutes of full court scrimmage.
  • At the conclusion of the tryout, the coach should address the players and parents informing them as to the remainder of the tryout process (e.g. 2nd tryout, time commitment to playing on a travel team, posting of team selections on the website etc.).
  • The coach should then meet with the evaluators to discuss and collect their evaluations.  All evaluations will be collected/maintained by the Metrowest Director.
  • It is expected that basketball be the #1 priority/sport for the winter for all players chosen to be on travel teams.
  • It is a requirement that players attend all practices and games (medical, school or family related absences are the exceptions to this rule).  Infractions of this can/will result in removal from the team with no refunds.
  • Playing time for travel teams in grades 4-6: minimum of 40% in games per player.
  • Playing time for travel teams in grades 7&8: minimum of 25% in games per player.
  • All coaches are required to volunteer and gather volunteers for 6 spots each during the February Tournament at MPC and the Metrowest Tournament which we host.
  • Any player who receives a scholarship to play, will still be required to pay the Metrowest fee as well as the fee for a uniform (payment schedules are available).